Mesa Police spokesperson Richard Encinas detailed what investigators believe, so far, led up to the shooting of three people on the night of Sunday, Dec. 18.
A suspect has been arrested in connection to a brawl involving neighbors in a Mesa neighborhood that ultimately led to a shooting, leaving three people hurt.
The shooting happened on Dec. 18 near Broadway Road and Temple Street after police had already visited the neighborhood once in the day around 5:30 p.m. to calm down residents who were fighting. About two hours later, officers were called out again for the same issue.
At least 20 people were fighting in the street. Mesa Police spokesperson Richard Encinas called the scene "chaotic."
While officers were responding, they got reports of shots fired. They learned two people were shot and another walked over saying they were shot, too.
Two of the victims are expected to be OK and one of them has life-threatening injuries, Encinas said.
According to court documents, investigators were at the scene, a call came in just minutes from where the shootings happened, and a suspect reported they were involved in the shooting. Police went to the suspect's location, and took him into custody. He has been identified as 23-year-old Daniel Omar Berrelleza-Reyes.
Police believe Berrelleza-Reyes acted alone, but dozens of other people were interviewed, Encinas said.
Berrelleza-Reyes is accused of three counts of aggravated assault.
Daniel Omar Berrelleza-Reyes, 23, was arrested in connection to a triple shooting in Mesa on Dec. 18.

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