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A shooting that killed one person and injured four others in Costa Mesa on Thanksgiving night was the result of road rage, police said Friday, Nov. 25.
The shooting, in the 400 block of West Bay Street, stemmed from a traffic collision, said Costa Mesa police spokesperson Roxi Fyad.
All five people shot were taken to hospitals, where one died and another was in critical condition, she said.
The dead man was identified as 30-year-old Lucas Rivera-Velasco of Costa Mesa.
The suspect, Lee Walker, a 41-year-old Santa Ana resident, fled eastbound on Bay Street in a black pickup truck, but turned himself in early Friday morning, Fyad said.
Abraham Foroudi, 36, of Fountain Valley was working at his used car dealership nearby when he heard two initial shots around 6:50 p.m.,”which kind of startled me because it didn’t sound like the normal fireworks the kids would set off,” he said.
Moments later, he heard a volley of about six shots.
When he went outside, he saw the flashing lights of ambulances, fire trucks and cop cars, he said. One-by-one, he saw five people taken by stretcher to ambulances, the last two bloodied and screaming, one pressing a towel against his stomach, Foroudi said.
The surveillance video, which Foroudi posted on Twitter, shows a pickup truck pull over to the side of the road and a dark pickup stop in the middle of the street. A person from the dark pickup approached the passenger side of the other pickup and, moments later, shots are heard. The person then runs back to the dark pickup and drives away.
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All five of the victims were in the truck during the shooting, according to Fyad.
Foroudi, who has owned the auto dealership since 2011, said criminal activity is not uncommon along that stretch of Bay Street, which connects Harbor Boulevard to Newport Boulevard.
He said multiple customers and others who live and work nearby reached out to check on him after hearing news of the shooting.
“Every year, we’re having to add another camera,” he said. “We’re adding another one to the top of the building to have a better birds-eye view of the lot and the intersection.”
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