OXFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — It’s a major development in the criminal case against the parents of the Oxford High School shooter, who opened fire just over a year ago killing 4 teens and injuring others.
In response to a 6th attempt by defense attorneys to have bond reduced for Jennifer and James Crumbley, the Oakland County Prosecutor is writing specifically what Jennifer allegedly told officers in the back of a police car.
Addressing her son’s mental state following the shooting in November 2021, Jennifer allegedly referenced her and her husband buying his gun.
“You know my biggest fear was that he was gonna turn the gun on himself.” she allegedly said. The prosecutor is also stating the murder weapon wasn’t locked up, based on evidence from a critical witness already endorsed by the defendants.
“I believe they are a big flight risk. All of the signs were there.” said parent Andrea Smalt after reading the response. The filing also states there is no new evidence the two would not flee if released. They had previously been caught with a large amount of cash and phones hiding inside a Detroit warehouse.
“They were aware things were not ok with him, and at that point in the meeting with the school, why didn’t they address the issue of the gun?” Smalt said. Also within the filing, is a claim defense attorney Shannon Smith has made herself a witness, by offering her own testimony.
In addition an allegation that when it came to alarming drawings, Jennifer told police she “Didn’t even look at them closely.” Yet, the filing says she actually messaged her husband to say ‘Call now. Emergency…’ & ‘I’m very concerned.’
For Smalt, it’s become more proof that issues were ignored.
“They clearly had some concerns about his mental state & that shows thru in their actions & in their comments.” she added.
Charged with involuntary manslaughter, both Jennifer and James remain locked up on $500,000 bond. Prosecutors maintain that they sold their home and horses as part of a plan to flee. Judge Cheryl Matthews has issued a gag order to prevent both sides from making statements to media, outside of court.


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